Onwards from rails.

We receive rail wagons arriving from Russia. We unload, load and store the cargo for further transport.

Paper and cardboard

Our central location guarantees excellent transport connections.

Raw materials for industry

Thanks to our spacious warehouse facilities, we offer excellent storage capacity.

Machinery and equipment

Various project transport operations by rail to the CIS region.

We keep the wagons moving!

Every hour that wagons have to wait costs money, and the use of wagons accounts for a major share of the costs of rail transport to Russia. A typical turnover time for a wagon is 10 days. At Niirala, we are able to keep wagons’ waiting time down to three days or even less. This creates direct savings for your company.

Location, location, location

At Niirala, we move your cargo from rails to road. Our location is ideal with regard to industrial facilities.

Contact us

We are more than happy to talk about collaboration and discuss how our services at Niirala or Kouvola can meet your transport needs.

Saku Sopanen tel. +358 50 0573884