Our story

Aurora Rail Oy separated from Easmar Logistic Oy into its own operative unit on 1 January 2017. We work in close collaboration while operating within our own areas of expertise.

Easmar begins operations

Own warehouse at the Lahti rail yard. Polyethylene from Russia to Finland.

Logistics operations begin

Operations expand. Transfer to the premises of Lahti Logistics Oy in Lahti.

New premises form a basis for growth

As our operations expanded, we moved to rented premises in Nastola. Warehouse capacity of 6,000 m2. Our team grew from one to four.

Acquisition of own premises in Kouvola

Acquisition and construction of premises in Kouvola: 8,000 m2 of additional space. Acquisition of a locomotive, Otso 1. Plastics and rubber as the main products. A contract with the Russian oil giant Lukoil.

Contract with CNH Global

We offer warehousing services to CNH Global for its agricultural machinery to be delivered to the CIS countries. This contract moved our operations to the next level and enabled an extension on Tiilitie in Kouvola. The number of employees increased to about 70.

Acquisition of a locomotive

Easmar acquired a safety certificate and locomotive in 2013. Shunting operations began at the Kouvola rail yard in 2014.

Aurora Rail is established

Aurora Rail was established when the deregulation of rail transport operations between Finland and Russia entered into force on 26 December 2016. It was granted an operating permit and safety certificate in June 2017.

Operations begin at the Niirala site

A significant, long-term contract pertaining to the management of logistics in Niirala was signed with Cemagro Oy.